Spider Plus Sustainability

未来の礎を、建設業界と共に創る SpiderPlus & CO.

The roads or the buildings which we usually use unconsciously, they are the essential important social infrastructure, and the construction industry build them.
What the construction industry built, which have carried on with memories or minds of lots of people, continue to be the important foundation, including which would be built in the future, which support our society for decades to come.

Building a sustainable social foundation, is the mission of the construction industry, we support them with our technology.
Co-creating social foundation which sustains for future with construction industry, that is our "sustainability".

Message from CEO

For giving efficiency to construction industry which build our essential social foundation, SPIDERPLUS which we provide is needed.
Until now and from now on, construction industry is the important existence which support social foundation, that is why we have to be proactive for environment conservation and energy efficiency with looking our future.

Technologies have been on progress day to day, so many human resource are within the construction, to assure high quality is not changed for those decades since we founded and related.
On the other hand, major changes are demanded for the environment and circumstance which surround construction workers.

We even are still half on the journey, to realize the mission "creating fun for working" which we raise, keep on advance to make construction site more efficiency, increase one's productivity, and solve various social issues with construction industry.
Thus we believe to keep such activity would make us build better, more sustainable society.
Kenji Ito, President and CEO

Key challenges to realize sustainability -- Materiality

We realize to make our sustainable company value improvement, with regarding social issues as our chance for progression, and solve them with our business growth.

  • With Our Customers

    improve productivity with technology, create challenge occasion

    • Giving efficiency to construction site with technology, increasing more productivity
    • accumulate professional knowledge and carry skills on at the site
    • Generate more opportunity at the site for diverse people such as junior, women and also inexperienced
  • With Society

    Connect social foundation to the future, keep environmental basis

    • Reduce environmental load with going paperless and physical movement
    • Carbon emissions reduction, which includes investigation to visualize energy which related to construction
    • Secure safe and relieved surroundings for its citizens, with serving infrastructure or environment by construction industry
  • With Our Employees

    Bring human possibility up, enrich future with construction industry

    • Create employment opportunities with the growth of our business and construction industry
    • Environment that accepts individuality without segregation, such as age and gender
    • Culture which pay respect to team mates, giving opportunities for growth to each other

Value Creation Model

Regarding social issues as our chance for progression and solve them with our business growth
We contribute to build the social foundation which allows us to continue living with dignity in rich environments.

未来の礎を、建設業界と共に創る SpiderPlus & CO.

(Below 3 Capital)

The struggle of our own "Why construction industry is such behind from Information Revolution", what we have experienced at the site, made us start to development the app.
We have many ex-user members within, who have strong will to give more efficiency to the site nowadays; such ones act their rolls as development or sales, those site based knowledge make us possible to develop better product.
We continue to go for giving efficiency to construction site furthermore, with many clients.

  • Human Capital

    Site based organization and culture

    About 25% of members are from construction industry, act well

  • Intellectual capital

    Long time accumulated knowledge and experience

    25 years over site based experience

  • Social capital

    Client base and network

    Used by 50 thousand over site directors

(Business Activities and Growth Strategy)

SpiderPlus has provided service with on-site clients' voice for 10 years over, devoted to solve major and deep seated social issues based on the partnership with our clients.

Based on the site solution, our business continue to go for major social issue-solving with looking to surroundings construction industry' s society and environmental future.


(Which value we provide through our business)

We aim to solve many social issues which construction industry holding up, with building economic base of clients through our flagship business.

ICT utilization at the site, not only improve work style ever, but also digitalize carrying on technical skill which depend on individual and analogue way before with more efficiency, contribute for generating working opportunity and new value for diverse people such like inexperienced, junior and women.

We, SpiderPlus, look to the long term industry's future, continue to go for our business to make more people find "fun" at their work.


(Social Value)

Construction industry is for building the social foundation.
Those foundation also are of the earth which living things lead their life at the same time.
We SpiderPlus, work together with clients, contribute to use resources effectively, plan more reasonable energy efficiency, build the foundation which people continue to live with dignity in rich environment, environmental conservation.