IP Strategies

IP Strategies

Our Approach and Efforts Concerning Intellectual Property

Since the release of our construction DX service "SPIDERPLUS" in 2011, we have been implementing various functions in response to the progress of IT in the construction industry, starting with paperless drawings. Since the functions we have developed through these processes have become a source of our competitive advantage, we recognize that intellectual property strategy is a highly important management issue, and we are strengthening our efforts in intellectual property. We will incorporate IP strategies into product development and actively acquire intellectual property rights. We believe that these efforts will create a functional group that is highly difficult to imitate, which will further enhance our competitive advantage and contribute to the sustainable enhancement of our corporate value. Through these efforts, MHI will continue to aim for the top share in the field of construction DX intellectual property.

Concept of Intellectual Property

The Corporate Governance Code, which was revised in June 2021, clearly states the importance of intellectual property, and the importance of intellectual property has increased in recent years. We believe that investment in intellectual property, which is the source of our competitive advantage, will contribute to sustainable improvement in corporate value.

We have established an intellectual property management system centered on the Executive Officer and Intellectual Property Manager (hereinafter referred to as the "CIPO"), and have formulated an intellectual property strategy in line with the medium-to long-term growth strategy and the product roadmap.

In line with this strategy, we have already obtained several patents on the functions and services related to construction management DX.

We will also actively acquire intellectual property rights and build an intellectual property portfolio.We will also actively acquire intellectual property rights and build an intellectual property portfolio.

Intellectual property management system

In CIPO, Masahito Taniguchi of MyCIPO Co., Ltd., who has held several CIPO positions, from listed companies to startups, and emits many successful cases of intellectual property management from the Cabinet Office and the Patent Office, has been appointed.

We believe that the establishment of an intellectual property management system will not only strengthen our competitive advantage, but also function effectively from the viewpoints of risk management and compliance in which we "respect intellectual property and manage intellectual property without violating the intellectual property rights of others." We believe that this system will also contribute to the strengthening of our governance.