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Here are the frequently asked questions. This may be able to quickly resolve your questions, so please take a look before contacting us.


■When you ask about our service, sales opportunity, or coverage, please contact us from "Contact".
■We will withhold to below questions, thank you for your understanding;
・Not disclosed information (e.g. Performance trends)
・Questions that may fall under the category of "material facts" as defined in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law(shareholder returns, stock price measures, etc.)
・Fluctuating prices ( trends, trades)
・Slander message which groundless, and bring us disgrace
■We treat your personal information strictly based on our privacy policy.

Thank you,

IR Contact

For those who do not receive the email

If the customer is in the anti-spam, etc., is set the domain specified reception, you will find that the mail does not reach properly.
[] Please set to be able to receive mail from.
*For information about the handling of personal information, please refer to the privacy policy.