About our company

How can I get to know the company overview?

Here is our corporate governance.

How can I get to know the corporate governance?

Here is our corporate governance.

What do you do

We show our business overview here briefly.

About financial results and performance

When is the next annoucement?

We show current schedule on IR Calender.

How can I get to know the latest financial information?

Please refer here.

About fiscal year

The end of December.

How is the business outlook going to?

Please refer here.

About Stock

About listed market

TSE Mothers

Security code number


About trading unit of stock

100 shares on each unit

About dividends

We do not any plan currently, instead of that, will invest for retained earnings and business expanding. That will be the reduction for shareholders.

When is the shareholders meeting?

We hold the meeting in March.

Who is the shareholder roster manager?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

When the changes of name or address, whom do I contact?

Please ask your securities companies

Do you have a shareholder special benefit?

We do not have introduced a shareholder special benefit plan.