Always with the advanced technology,
Always create new things,
Contribute to our society.

We had started our business in 1997 as a contructor, when the first iPad unveiled, that made us to be sure that would accelrate digitalization in the construction industry, so we started IT business since 2010.

Construction industry faces major problems such as aging, a shortage of successors, shortage of work forces eapecially young generation, and long work hours. We have developed in a cooperation with one of the leading general equipment company, and released SPIDERPLUS in 2011, the app for digitalize construction drawings and site management, to solve such problems.

However, the problems, as we already mentioned, become more serious. Due to such circumstances and serious demand for immediate measures, our application SPIDERPLUS contribute to the problems. Paper drawings and reports turned digitalized and on cloud, that made complicated paper works smarter, with giving high efficiency to the site managers, so SPIDERPLUS rapidly expands the user share in the industry.

We would like to expand the share among domestic contructors, and spread globally with focusing on Southeast Asia, to solve such problems. Furthermore, beyond the construction industry, we plan expand into wide range of industries such like civil engineering, building maintainance, plant, or factories, which use paper drawings on its site.

We are surely with the times change, sincere, steadily, on growth ever. We hope your longlasting support and consideration more for future. Thank you.

President and CEO
Kenji Ito