CEO Message

CEO Message

Although at the foundation in 1997 we were constructor, when the moment the first-generation iPad released, which made us be certain, it would accelerate digitalization in construction industry, we have launched IT business since 2010.

Construction industry has big challenges, shortage workers due to aging, insufficient junior and successor staff, and long hours working.

We developed application SPIDERPLUS which manages construction drawings and site,with a major sub constructor's cooperation, and released in 2011.

President Kenji Ito

However, the challenges such as workers shortages, go serious more.

While urgent measures are required, SPIDERPLUS manages drawings and reports which used at the site, realizes reducing time consuming office work ; contributes reforming one's work style with efficiency, rapidly expands its usershare in the construction industry.

So as to solve such challenges, we are going to achieve a dominant share of domestic construction tech market, in addition, expand our business for global market which southeast asian centric.

Expanding the target further, from civil engineering work, building maintenance, and to plant or factory of manufacturing industry, we plan to develop our service widely industry which use paper drawings.

We continue to be the firm which keep growth sincerely, steadily, with looking ahead its time changes.

We hope our shareholders and investors, to support and encouragement for us even more.

Thank you,