1 Using IR Information

The IR information published on this website is intended for providing the corporate information of SpiderPlus & Co. (the “Company”), however, the Company makes no representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, completeness, integrity or certainty of its contents. In addition, the publishing of information to this website is not intended to solicit investments. When actually making an investment, please refrain from making an investment decision by placing undue reliance on the information of this website.

2 Published Information

While the Company pays close attention to the information published to this website, the Company will not be liable, for whatever reason, for damages, etc. that may arise if there are mistakes in the published information or that are due to data alterations, data downloads, or other actions by third parties.

3 Future Outlook

There may be instances where information concerning future earnings estimates, plans, strategies, etc. are included in the information and news releases published on this website and in the questions and answers at financial results briefings, analyst meetings, etc. Such information concerning the future is based on information that the Company has acquired as of the transmission of such information and on certain premises that the Company determines to be reasonable, and the Company makes no promise of the achievement thereof. Please be advised that actual earnings may differ from the estimates due to various risks and uncertain variables.