President and CEO

Kenji Ito

伊藤 謙自

Kenji has founded his own company "Ito-Kogyo" the origin of current SpiderPlus, in 1997, after the experience as the sales of a construction material trading company and the site management in a thermal insulating contructor. He deeply experienced how the digitalization of the construction industry was late at the site, started the ICT business for the industry at the same time the tablet had unveiled.

Executive Director / Corporate Branding Room Manager

Masato Suzuki

鈴木 雅人

He supervises corporate branding, design, and PR. He brings an extensive experience as various kind of desinger from interior of stores or offices, to web and graphic design. He has joined in 2010, at the time SpiderPlus has begun IT business.

Executive Director / HR Room Manager

Hiroki Kawai

川合 弘毅.

Hiroki supervises human resource management. Has been engaged audit work in EY as the certified accountant, later joined a general contractor. Prior to joining SpiderPlus in 2018, he experienced the outside director of several listed companies.

Director, Executive Officer and CFO

Yutaka Fujiwara

藤原 悠

Prior to joining in SpiderPlus in 2021, Yutaka had principal role in several companies including Deloitte as a Financial Advisor, and experienced new business development in startup. Certified Public Accountant.

Chief Technology Officer / Development group

Hiroo Masuda

増田 寛雄

Hiroo has been the member of SpiderPlus and supervised technical department since 2010, when the company started ICT business.

Operating officer and VPoE of Development Group

Koichi Ishii

石井 功一

Prior to joinning SpiderPlus 2020, had experienced in advertising industry, telecommunication company as a role of system department manager, later experienced running digital content creating company as a board of directors in charge of department.

Operating officer / GM of Development Group and SPIDERPLUS Planning Promotion Department

Tomoyuki Fujita

藤田 智之

Prior in SpiderPlus in 2021, has managed large scale system development in IBM Japan, later succesively worked in a role of product maagement in several startup.

Operating officer / Sales Department Leader

Yusuke Ishito

石戸 祐輔

Yusuke supervises SpiderPlus' sales department. He has the background as a site manager in construction industry, and he was the construction management engineer. His own experience has drawn him to the possibility of ""Construction & IT"", joined in SpiderPlus 2019. Prior to joinning SpiderPlus, experienced in IT industry as well, sales in listed IT startup, direction and business consulting project in the enterprise IT company.

Operating officer / Director of West Japan Sales Department

Takamasa Noda

野田 隆正

He supervises Nishi-nihon (West Japan) sales department as the manager. Prior to joinning SpiderPlus in 2017, he has experienced sales in telecommunications equipment company, after that, founded his own company for web building for 13 years.

Operating officer / Sales Promotion Manager

Yukihiro Omura

大村 幸寛

Yukihiro, supervises sales promotion and overseas sales division. Prior to joinning SpiderPlus in 2017, he worked as a auditor in EY as certified accountant.

Operating officer / Manager of Product Strategy Group, PMM Department

Keisuke Miura

三浦 慶介

Prior to joining Spiderplus in 2020, has worked in Cyber Agent and REVAMP. Keisuke now supervises marketing and product strategy in SpiderPlus, before has experienced social game development which had 1.50million over subscribers, business growth with comprehensive marketing with such as TVCM, digital advertising. L.L.B. in Hitotsubashi University.

Operating and Legal Officer

Shunsuke Takahashi

高橋 俊輔

L.L.B in The University of Tokyo, J.D in The University of Tokyo School of Law, former Visiting researcher in University of Michigan Law School. Prior to joinning SpiderPlus in 2022, worked as a prosecutor in Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office in charge of investigating and trialing for such financial and economic cases, after resingment, worked in Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu engaged in inter-company dispute or BtoB transactions
between international and domestic etc.. Lawyer.

Operating and Chief Intellectual Property Officer

Masahito Taniguchi

谷口 将仁

Has experienced CIPO in several companies from the listed company to startups. Won Intellectual property achievement award by Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, featured as a succeeded company for the intellectual property management by Cabinet Office. After those success, established his own company MyCIPO. Besides working as hireable CIPO only in Japan, joinned SpiderPlus in 2022, supervises strategy of intellectual properties.

Officers and directors

President & CEO

Kenji Ito

伊藤 謙自

Executive Director

Masato Suzuki

鈴木 雅人

Executive Director

Hiroki Kawai

川合 弘毅.

Executive Director

Yutaka Fujiwara

藤原 悠

Outside Directors

Junya Yoshida

吉田 淳也


Shuhei Aso

麻生 修平

Outside Corporate Auditors

Akihiro Tozawa

戸澤 晃広

Outside Corporate Auditors

Yoshitaka Sasaki

佐々木 義孝