If any other haven’t made it,
I do. Always look for the innovation.

How it started, it was simple.

Scissors, bread knives, little tools, and the experiences, they made me possible to become a president, so I have founded the company of thermal insulation.
Several years has passed, IT bubble, the information revolution were hot topic around at that time, I came to feel something wrong against my job.
At the office, there were ton of the drawings which almost like a mountain, color penciles were scattering, and the callus had growned more as I drew the lines on the papers.
At that days I ofthen came and went between the site and the office as I had to confirm things which I had left.

Why the construction industry had been late to adapt, unlike the world was in digital transformation with tremendous speed.

”If any other make it, I do. I change."

This awareness was the start of us, current SpiderPlus & Co..

Paper drawings mountain on the desk, clattering color pencils, now we don't see such things anymore.

I so very much look forward to meet something new which we create, and are waiting for future.

Innovation, always.

President & CEO

Kenji Ito